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3 Pack + Dough - Chocolate Mint

Keto-Friendly Mini Cookies

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THE WORLD’S FIRST BRAIN BOOSTING COOKIE –This value-bundle  is a smart choice for the entire household, we all know that you are what you eat so why don’t you start snacking like a Genius? This is the snack of the future! 100% guilt free enjoyment with added brain nutrients for a healthier, happier you… Legendary!

  • Keto-Friendly
  • Gluten & Grain Free
  • 2G Net Carbs

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Our Keto Protein Edible Cookie Dough is meant to be enjoyed right out of the jar. Childhood fantasy merges with health conscious adulthood in a revolutionary way to snack. No added sugar, no junk, no guilt... This is 100% the way of the future, nutrient dense, quality nutrition in enjoyable form.

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No added sugar

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